Who We Are


Revolutionize the beverage pouring market, starting with our proprietary beer delivery system.

Our Advantage

Bring endless ice-cold beer from kegs that can be either cold or warm, more reliably than any other beer delivery service.


We have developed a patent-pending revolutionary cold beer delivery system  There is nothing like it in the marketplace.

Our Origin Story

A Brief History

In the heart of British Columbia, where the mountains meet the sea, a group of friends gathered for an outdoor wedding.

As the laughter filled the air and the band played into the evening, one element failed to hit the right note—a series of warm, flat beers served from a tired, overworked Kegerator.

That night, amidst shared stories and jokes, the vision for Polar Beer Taps was born.

Shane Lander, one of our founders and CEO, has an illustrious career of building complex heat and cooling exchange machines.

With a warm and foamy beer in hand, he envisioned a world where the perfect pour was possible anywhere, anytime.

Why should the crisp, refreshing taste of a brewery-fresh beer be confined to the pub?

The quest for the ultimate beer experience led Shane through countless designs and experiments. Each iteration brought him closer to a breakthrough.

With Shane's innovative spirit, now teamed up with beer maven Mike Adams and similar concept thought up, the Permafrost system was created—capable of dispensing beer at its ideal temperature with minimal environmental impact.

We're a collective of inventors, manufacturers, environmentalists, and beer lovers dedicated to elevating the beverage experience while protecting our planet.

For every keg poured through our system, we save the CO2 equivalent of a car driving 5km.From those humble beginnings at a backyard celebration to the technological sophistication of our Permafrost units, our journey has been fuelled by passion and purpose.

We invite you to raise a glass to innovation, community, and the coldest, most delicious beer you've ever tasted—anywhere you choose to enjoy it.

Welcome to the Polar Beer Taps family. Together, we're changing the game, one perfect pour at a time.