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Portable Commercial Draft Rentals

Elevate Your Event with Colder Drinks, No Foam Waste, Less lines, Increased Profits & Happier Guests

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Our system is perfect for outdoor events, festivals, pubs, restaurants and caterers.

Our portable machine is the perfect solution to pour cold beer.


Our Permafrost Cooling Technology

Our patent-pending pouring system instantly delivers ice-cold beer, wine, and mixed drinks non-stop until the keg is empty.

It's unlike any pouring system on earth.

Our Competitive Edge.

Ensuring no beer is wasted, immediate ice cold beer, reducing vendors costs, and focusing on energy efficiency.

No excess foam wastage, sell up to 30% more beer

Instant, ice cold beer from warm or cold kegs

Pour up to 18 beers per minute

Fully portable, easily rolls on wheels

No power needed, All day battery life included

Draft beverages are 50% of the cost of cans

The Problems we Solve.

Eliminating beer waste, streamlining keg settling, ensuring reliable and affordable cold beer and protecting our planet.

Excessive foaming is an issue with all portable systems

6 hours to settle and pour cold keg beer after transport

Portable systems often serve lukewarm beer

No more cans, ice and energy-inefficient solutions

Elevate Your Event Experience

redefine event refreshment with Polar Beer Taps, perfect for any occasion like:

  • Music Festivals
  • Beer Festivals
  • Weddings
  • Stadiums
  • Tailgate Parties
  • Barbecues
  • Concerts
  • Trade Shows
  • Corporate Parties
  • Many, Many More!

Coming Soon: Restaurants & Bars

Our cutting-edge beverage technology is coming to retaurants and bars, ensuring every pour is perfect.

We Value Sustainability.

C02 Equivalent Reduction of


Per Keg

Compared to using cans.

More Energy Efficient By:


Less Energy

Compared to other beer pouring systems

Beer Wastage Reduced up to


Per Keg

Compared to other beer pouring systems

Risk of Ozone Depletion


From R290 and 513A refrigerants

Meet the team

Polar Taps was created to address the frustration of serving warm beer, to learn more about our close-knit team read more.

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